Welcome to our TAE40116 Pre -Training Interview Page

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IMPORTANT: Please click on the audio below to commence your interview when you are ready. The audio is designed so that it will take you through the interview process and explain what you can expect during your study time with us in more detail. **(Do not skip listening to the audio as the accuracy of your responses help us determine how to help you during your up and coming program with us.)

PLEASE NOTE: This interview should only take approximately 20 Minutes*. This form must be completed to be accepted into the program and you must submit this form at the end of your interview. Based on your responses your nominated course facilitator may be in touch with you to discuss your Pre-Training Responses or your LLN Quiz responses in regards to your Up and coming training with us.

*This Interview may take longer if you view the support link pages in the form.

Thanks again and lets get started!

Please complete the below form as you listen to this audio. (If you cannot view this document the audio will give you other options to view it)