Q – Will my qualification be Nationally Recognised and completed through an officially Registered Training Organisation that has the right to deliver this qualification?

A – Yes. Wayne Harrison (of Harrison Training Group) is an official contractor of (Malyon Vocational Training) VET Provider NumbeRTO:30002 ABN: 26 140 175 668.

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Q – Can I do the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment program in a Fast Track Course anymore?

A – No, For some companies this was an option for the previous versions of the program. In relation to the TAE40116 program it simply cannot be delivered in this type of training modality. Harrison Training Group have taken a focused approached with this program and understand that many people have lots of experience in Adult Learning and assessment. In cases like these each of the 5 stages that a person works through to attain the TAE40116 would be more streamlined than a person who has never studied education and assessment topics before and had little or no experience in the field of Education.

Q – Why should I do your TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment program above some other providers?

A – In short, we do not think we are any better than any other provider, however we do take particular time to ensure from your first contact with us that you are interviewed and assessed by one of our trainers to ensure that the program progress and support you need is tailored to your learning needs. This includes opportunities for RPL and customised learning strategies if your require them. We know that it is important to connect with the person who will be training you so this happens with us from the first point of contact.

Q – What difference will getting a qualification make from my future employers perspective?

A – Employers value your experience in the areas that they require it but also recognise the “piece of paper” too! It is important to have a formal qualification to support what you say you know.

Q – I have an older Training and Assessment qualification (ie) BSZ40198, TAA40104, TAE40110. What do I need to do now the TAE40116 has been released and is the current version of the qualification?

A – The new ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) Standards state that by June 2012 all Trainers and Assessors should hold the new TAE40110 or its successor to be compliant. Harrison Training Group offers multiple upgrade options and suitable help, support and advice on the way forward in each one of these scenarios. We recommend that you go to our TAE Upgrade Programs page and decide what the best way forward is for you. From there you can check out the course dates and venues page for suitable dates to complete what might now be required of you to upgrade to the new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Q – What happens if I start one of your Training programs and cannot complete it ?

A – Just let us know and you can either come back and complete the parts you missed on a future course or complete the remaining subjects via online audio lectures at your own pace. If you choose to only complete a part of the qualification you will receive a ‘Statement of Attainment’ for the qualification units you have completed. Your Statement of Attainment issued by the officiating RTO#* and will be recognised by all other Registered Training organisations throughout Australia.

Q – What happens if I cannot attend some of the sessions over the allocated time period of the course program/duration?

A – Just let your trainer know and they will work with you on making sure that anything you miss in training is covered by you in a time that suits you.

Q – Can I apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for any of your courses?

A – Yes. If you have previous training, qualifications and knowledge and skills you have the opportunity (before your training commences) to be recognised for what you already have proven you know aligned with what you are about to learn. See our RPL Information Page for full details of what this process looks like.

Q – Why should I study with Harrison Training Group?

A – We are interested in your future development and want to do all we can to support your future endeavours. This is why HTG continues to support you after your training finishes by supplying  you with email updates, articles, free access to our online resource area (which is continually updated)  and personal access to our training expertise (if required).

Q – Can I get a discount on my course fee?

A – Harrison Training Group courses, are priced very competitively. We do not offer discounts on our course fees as we are confident that they are already as low as we can offer them. However upon particular circumstances we may offer a percentage discount. If you meet the following criteria you may request a discount. (PLEASE NOTE) That by submitting a request it does not mean that you will be granted a discount.

  1. You must be an enrolled and accepted student in one of our programs.
  2. You must show in writing and have some form of proof of extreme financial hardship or situation that would justify a further discount on these fees.
  3. Finally: Requests must be submitted to no less than 15 working days before the commencement of the training program start date. Our decision is then final and no further correspondence will be accepted or entered into.




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Wayne Harrison (of Harrison Training Group) is an official contractor of (Malyon Vocational Training)

VET Provider NumbeRTO:30002 ABN: 26 140 175 668.

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