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All the below comments are from students who have given their permission to use  their name and comments for your reference about our programs.

I would recommend this course to anyone, it was very compact and I did not know if I would cope with that. However I learnt heaps, enjoyed my time and did complete it so the work was worth it. Dynamic and great facilitation, Thanks (Tessa. B)

I am relieved to have chosen Harrison Training Group  for my Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. The trainer was passionate and professional and this enhanced our learning experience and created a nurturing , safe but enjoyable environment. (Peter. S)

As a beginner, I had a few apprehensions about this course, whether I would be able to do it or not English being my second language. But I got comfortable day by day, by the time we had to do our training deliveries I was confident and able to complete the program with the help of my trainer. (Ritu.K)

This is without a doubt the best training course I have attended. I strongly recommend the TAE 10 Day Program to anyone (Dave. H)

Thank you Wayne, an excellent course I am glad I selected Harrison Training Group for this course. The course was compact and a lot to cover but your skills in training made it achievable. I would recommend this course to anyone. (Jim.M)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this training, the group of students were fantastic. I have learn’t new techniques and have learned to structure my training method. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. (Wayne.J)

The Best online course due to podcasts and written support it was easy to learn and progress with the course. (Rai. H)

Excellent methods of training and easy to follow. (Rohan Mogridge) Australia’s original mountainbike freerider

I have not been a student for 35 years. I loved the structure and content of this course. It opens opportunities for me and has given me a confidence to explore new and exciting ventures. (Dave W)

Love the 10 day face to face format. No one else offers anything like it, and it was perfect for me. Good class atmosphere, I enjoyed it. (Amanda. W)

A great adult learning environment, a mix of fun and casual while still getting the points across (Trent. W)

The trainer was always friendly and approachable and demonstrating a caring concern for all participants. Always available and willing to anwer questions/clarify understanding. Extremely flexible approach to participants individual needs (Jennifer.W)

A massive thankyou as this course and the trainer have really helped me in understanding a lot more about training now and I feel a lot more confident (Mellissa.W)

Absolutely loved this program (Shane.K)

I now feel very confident that I will be able to train and assess with confidence (Clinton.T)

10 days of Learning & Encouragement. Well worth the cost (Patrick.C)

Overall the training was excellent (John.M)

I am 100% satisfied with the training I received during the course (Chantel.M)

My experience rates as one of my fondest memories of training, the group was supportive from the outset making the Cert IV in TAA anything but dull (Anthony.P)

From the first day I felt comfortable and included and this helped me me to engage actively throughout the course, Easily the best training course I have ever done. (Stephen.B)

I would recommend anyone to do this course (Jayne.E)

My first exposure to adult training has been excellent, My confidence level has skyrocketed (Matt.E)

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a trainer, I have learnt lots of new skills and had a blast doing it, Thanks heaps. (Dave.W)

I enjoyed the training provided. I found the trainer to be very helpful and professional which I believe helped me through this course.

The whole course was very productive, probably without the coaching and training I wouldn’t have been able to finish the whole course. It really helped me to understand issues and was confident by the end of the course. (Anupama.S)

Keep up the excellent work! (Robert.H)

Best trainer I have ever been educated by in the VET System, enthusiasm was infectious. I felt like I was back at Uni listening to a Doctorate Level Educator (Tracey D)

The pace of the training was perfect, I loved the passion & engagement of the trainer. The material was organised in a logical way and provided the information needed for me to be a more effective trainer. (Steve D)

Hamish Salburg By far, the most supportive and enjoyable course I’ve undertaken online. Actually, the only one I’ve done online- but that still doesn’t take away from the amazing support from HTG.
World class facilitation from Wayne Harrison and a supply of resources enabled me to complete my course, of which I am eternally grateful.
Highly recommend HTG to anyone even contemplating further study.
Thankyou folks.




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