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There is no doubt that the convenience and time factor for choosing an online learning program is excellent. You get to study in your own environment, at a pace that suits you, which is why many learners choose this study method. A further benefit to this is that Harrison Training Group also offers attractive pricing for Online learners too!

But before considering Online Learning as the way forward we encourage you to consider the following things.

  • Current completion rates for Online learning are relatively low (as many people sign up and don’t fully complete their work)
  • Not everyone is suited to Online learning (Do you enjoy working on your own and not in groups?)
  • Successful online learners are super motivated and have a good track history of working successfully to deadlines.

This may or may not sound like you…that’s ok

The good news is this;

Harrison Training Group offer full support to all of our Online learners and we have had wonderful success in seeing our students complete what they pay for!

Please Note: Not all Programs that Wayne Harrison (of Harrison Training Group) as an official contractor of (Malyon Vocational Training) currently offer have Online options for study available. Please ensure that this option is available before reading further.

Here are some reasons why Online Learning will most likely be successful after enrolling with us.

  1. The complete program is online on one page and you can work through the program as fast as you want not being limited with programs that make you complete it one subject at a time.
  2. You don’t just get a number to call or an email to contact. With us you get the direct mobile of the facilitator to speak with (during business hours) to answer any of your questions or discuss your questions with you.
  3. You also get; Unlimited Email support (if you prefer to communicate this way)
  4. All materials have corresponding (audio) teaching sessions so you get to actually be in the class and don’t miss out on being a part of a group environment, Yes you also get to hear the questions and answers from other participants too while following along with the Learning materials!
  5. We also work with you on a learning plan with timelines so you have a plan of attack and a pathway forward to complete your studies in a time frame that suits you.
  6. Finally; All assessment tasks are open book and streamlined to suit your busy schedule.

Whether you choose a Face to Face or Online program they been designed to support you in the completion of your course choice. Although our training programs require a time commitment (as do all quality learning programs) you receive unlimited phone, email and personal assistance during the program duration. (normally 12 months) We understand that Online learning programs don’t suit all learners but some who are unlikely to find time to attend a dedicated workshop may be benefited by this option. Alternatively, if you work best with others and learn the most by interacting in a group format we strongly recommend our Face to Face programs as you will most likely learn best when working with others and not by yourself. Now the decision is up to you!

We know if you can make the effort you will love the content and delivery of our programs (Online or Face to Face) and most importantly get the qualification that you paid for!

The next step is to apply online (below button) for the course and format that suits you and from there we will be in contact with you to confirm your enrolment.

Hope to see you soon.

Wayne Harrison

Managing Director




(08) 7088 4800


Simply complete the 1 page Online Pre-Enrolment Form to express interest for any of our Adelaide Campus programs. It will only take a few minutes for you to fill in and one of our team will be in touch.

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Wayne Harrison (of Harrison Training Group) is an official contractor of (Malyon Vocational Training)

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