Payment Information Page

Harrison Training Group has multiple options to pay for your course fees.

Please Note; Payment Details should only be completed if you are a current enrolled student, If you have not enrolled please do this first and wait for a confirmation of enrolment from us.

Please choose from the following options to submit your payment information to us. Thanks!


Invoice Option
If you have chosen to pay for a program via the Invoicing option.
At your soonest convenience could you please fill in the Invoice Details Form for us so we can organise for this process to get started.
Click Here or on the Icon to do this now._____________________________________________________________________________________Direct Deposit Option
If you have chosen the Direct Deposit option for payment for a program, please find the following details below to complete this at your soonest convenience.

Banking Details
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name: Harrison Training Group.
ACC:1019 6750
Transfer ID: Please Call us to Confirm your ID Number (Then use this number in the transfer to identify your payment)


Credit Card Option

If you have chosen to pay for a program via the Credit Card Payment option could you please complete the Credit Card Details Form at your soonest convenience.

(click on link below) so we can organise for payment to happen.